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NEW SOFT activities, at the moment, have been in several kind of projects, which are listed below.

In mechanical plants, NEW SOFT has designed and realized lines for cars construction, in all the sectors, that is: body welding and painting, engine cutting and assembling, general handling, second level manager software. NEW SOFT has also worked for automatic stores for several items, and automatic parks.
Since NEW SOFT can also design and develop programs for several kind of Robots,  it has realized many special robotized application, valid for mechanical, chemical and food plants, so as standard special products for general welding (arc, spot, and laser) and glueing (cold and hot).

NEW SOFT has also, in each job it has executed, guaranteed assistance at the starting of the lines, so as periods of training for workers devoted to the production on them.

It follows a list of devices and software packages NEW SOFT is able to use for its designing.

Hardware design : EPLAN, AUTOCAD and SPAC packages.

Software design:

SIEMENS (Step5 and Step7)
                        TEXAS INSTRUMENTS
                        CGE  FANUC
                        PHOENIX  PC  OPEN

            ROBOTS :
                        COMAU  C3G  AND  C4G
                        AEG  MODICON
                        FANUC  CGE